Underwater Photography...

During a family holiday in Bali we did a "try" dive from a platform and went down to 10m, that was it and I was hooked. Came back to Adelaide and completed my open water certification, for several years I did a lot of diving in the cold and warm water just cruising around looking at reefs and wrecks etc. I was becoming a little bored with my diving so I completed an underwater photography course and it brought back the passion of diving again and continues today. In the early days I was shooting 35mm film and then digital came along, I am cuurently on my 7th upgrade of my underwater camera body and housing, I am using a Nikon D800 and Subal Housing.

My passion is macro subjects and muck diving provides such wonderful subjects, I do from time to time put on my dome port and shoot wide angle....... as you can see by the adjacent whalesharks image.

Underwater Photography is such a gadget hobby...., be prepared to spend a great deal of money and when the time comes that you flood your camera ....... take it like a man!!!! I have flooded 2 cameras in the last 12 years, I just see it as an opportunity to upgrade my equipment.


Land Photography...

Land photography is relatively new for me and started when we went on a trip to Antartica a few years ago, the scenery and wildlife were amazing.

Since this trip I have been trying to improve my landscape images and have been to some wonderful locations such as the Kimberley (WA), Papua New Guinea which included the Sepik River, West Papua, Komodo, Kangaroo Island and the list goes on.....

I have started to experiment with HDR (high dynamic range) photography, you will find some examples of my HDR images in the tab above "Favourite Above". I have a lot to learn and now feel I am taking some reasonable images.

Why these images....? some are hard to find or there is a story behind the image...

Blue Ringed Octopus, This is the only time that I have seen one carrying eggs.

Pink Anemonefish, It took 40 mins to get this image with the Anemonefish and the Bangaii Cardinalfish facing each other.

Rhinopois, Sometimes you are just lucky, the Rhinopis had just taken a small fish with the tailfin still exposed.

Pygmy Seahorse, What's missing in this image?
The seahorse only has one eye.