Why these images....? some are hard to find or there is a story behind the image...click image for slideshow

Garden Eel,
To get close to Garden eels require time and patience, as you approach them they disappear into the sand. Keep very still and move slowly a little at a time until you can reach less than a meter from the subject.

Dragon Moray,
I travelled to Christmas Island to find this subject, it is a very timid critter and was constantly hiding deep down in the coral.

Lady Bug - Komodo
The lady bug is incredibly small and can not be seen with the naked eye. When you take the image you hope that the critter is in focus and to get an image is more luck than skill.

In my opinion the most beauitful fish that I have seen.The only time to get good images is at dusk when they venture out of the rubble to find a mate.